Friends?? How Important Are You??

Have you heard this song, “And when you need a shoulder to cry on… when you need a friend to rely on… and when the whole world is gone, you always have my shoulder to cry on…” ?? This song was sung by Tommy Page a few years ago. But I think this song is so meaningful, and everlasting. Teaches us how to be a good person for our friend.

I have many friends. They are different from each other. They are unique.

But, now I feel like I’m loosing all my friends. I am in my own world, and they are in their own world. The world that will never be united.

Everyone is changing, I know it very clear. They have. They’ve changed. Or, only me who has…


Yesterday, I just couldn’t accept my friend’s jokes. Jokes about me… And those made me down… Made me feel that I’m not worth enough for my friend’s life. Or, I think that my friend doesn’t deserve me…


I always say that I can’t life without friends… Friends are everything.

Now, I have to think about it twice. I can life without friends like you, who are feeling happy when can get me wrong… Feeling happy when I made mistake… and selfish, think that you are totally right!


3 thoughts on “Friends?? How Important Are You??

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  1. wah…ira….
    we’re busy but we’re around..
    I know that anybody could live without a friend, the thing is, is that anybody whats to?

    Ira, gak marah ama gw kan??
    kita ka ngeledekin lo supaya seru ajah…
    jangan sakit hati yah,,
    ni buktinya gw liatin blog elu!!!

  2. Well, I know, mutseh… that you all do these, share some jokes about each other, those can make our friendship “seru”…

    Yahhh, gimana yah…
    Friends are friends, are human…
    are alive…

    But, I think not only genggong does this to me… almost all my friends do…

  3. ra. . .
    gw cuma bisa minta maaf
    dan klo emang lo mau
    gw ga akan pnah lagi ledekin lo
    perlu lo tu, gw ledekin lo bukan karna gw benci ato punya negatif feeling apapun tentang lo
    cuma biar genggong jadi makin seru aja
    tapi kalau lo ga berkenan, ya gw minta maaf
    gw ga akan pernah ngeledekin lo lagi.

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