Economics taught me about life, more than just its books. We have limited resources, but the will and wants are unlimited. That’s why we always have to face the limitation in life, to fulfill our needs. To maximize our utilization, we make several alternative choices. Then we choose only one of them, and sacrifice the others’ advantages, what we called opportunity cost.

Sometimes, I feel so bad when I have no choice at all. For instance, in my romantic life, I have no choice at all, who is the right person to stand beside me day by day. But, I know it doesn’t matter when I say so. However, I still have choices. Try to find him or just sit and wait.

But, when we have so many choices, these are confusing. We couldn’t sleep tightly, because it always comes up. We can’t stop thinking about it, until we get the answer to all the question that’s always being questioned over and over and over again. Just for make sure everything.

Then we’ve got the decision. Eventhough we don’t know if it’s wrong or right, at least we’ve tried to solve it, by choosing the appropriate one.

And when we know that it goes wrong, we still have choices. Either go back from the starting line, or just move on the same track.

And now, I think I have to run on the same track. Maybe, in the lowest speed or the higher is medium speed. Slow but try to make it sure. Just try, then I’ll find out what is the result.


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