Enjoy Our Life

So, here I am. In the middle of the age of productive. Finished my study on Bachelor’s degree of Economics. Finding my desirable job for my future life. Finding my soulmate to accompany me through my roller coaster of life. Finding who I really am. Finding what I really want is.

Being a student is very ecstatic phase in my life (for now). I could do so much activities in one semester: member of student organization, committee of music show, student in the classroom, friend for my best friends, and traveler in every holiday. Even, when it wasn’t a holiday, I could make it as a “holiday”. Ya, as long as my chance to truant is available. If you are still in this age, just enjoy it. Chase everything that requires “active student status”, instead of letting it go.

Being an internship at a company in the big city is so challenging too. Monday to Friday. Half past seven till half past four or longer. Do the same thing everyday. Have to deal with new people (through mailing, calling, or facing directly). Makes me always missing my Saturday and Sunday, everytime I come to the office. If you are in this area, just show them that you are responsible in doing your obligation, eventhough you don’t love what you do. Moreover, if you love what you do, do more, faster, and show them your happiness.

Commitment is the key to grab everything in adult life. Time goes on, phase to phase we have to face in life. Leave our past behind, learn from yesterday, be ready to run days ahead.

It isn’t grumbling about my life after school, however it is remembering us to always prepare to face the new year, new phase, new challenging part of an adult life. And enjoy each phase in our life.


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