Manual or Auto Focus??

Are you a traveler? Are you a photographer? Are you an economist? The answer is: “Yes, we are!” I am not asking for what your job is, but I am telling you that those are the roles you currently doing in your life.

We travel the time, move from one point to another. Learning about culture, trying to adapt in every condition, looking for something beautiful, or searching for something challenging. We are traveling right now. We travel the life, like the other people say that life is a journey.

The way a photographer seeing the object that he wants to capture, is kinda like the way people in seeing their future life. They should decide which one is their main object or target, that they should focus on. Photographers use their camera as a tool to capture the vision. We use our brain, our heart, our determination to capture our future vision. What we want to become.

The thing that matters is how we determine our objective, by using auto focus or manual focus. But in the real life, can we use those features? Changing from auto to manual, vise versa easily. Which mode suits you the best? However, you have to focus on your target, don’t make your target blurry, so you’ll have a great photograph with a crystal clear object.

And the economist. We have the unlimited needs, on the other hand, we also face the scarcity and lack of resources to fulfill those needs. We should choose our priority. Sort our wish list. Remember the principle of economic: “Maximize return with a given level of risk/cost, or to achieve a given level of return with minimum cost.” And those happen in the real life.

If only I could see my vision clearly, if only I could determine what I want to become in the next 5 or 10 years ahead, if only I could focus on what I believe in, if only I could push the auto button to set my determination on, if only…


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