Pink, Purple, and Love

On the last weekend, I went to my friends wedding. The first one was in Bogor, and the second one in Jakarta. Pink and purple were the color theme on the weddings. And both were lovely in all the way.

One of them was held in the cafe, with limited participant, yet intimate for the invitations. And the other one was in the ballroom, so many invitations, to be honest I didn’t really enjoy the party. I think it wasn’t in my circle.

From those two weddings, I started to dream about my future wedding ceremony. Sacred, fun, and unforgettable. Let me elaborate. It makes me a little bit nervous, yet excited.

Uhm, well.. I dreamed to marry a man in the yard. We can say it a garden party, with maximum 200 people are invited to come. All decoration will be in white, except for the flowers. I expect it will be red. So for the sake of simplicity and precautionary, there will be 30 tables, each having 8 seats. All guests is the star and VIP, so I want to serve each of them in a very special treatment.

We’ll have an acoustic band, playing our favorite songs and I want to sing a special song. The song shall be from Plain White T’s with “1, 2, 3, 4 I Love You”, after all the guests done with their food set. But I can’t guarantee if they throw it all over.

Ah, I want to have a speech in my wedding, and tell the invitations how happy I am and how lucky my future husband is for finally having me as his wife. The other thing I want to do in my wedding is slice a real wedding cake, and dedicate the first slice to a very special person on that moment for us.

Ya, I know you all sick of reading those. Then I have to admit that I haven’t had the best person right now to accompany me doing the things. But, I admire that sometime he will be him, who I’ve already met. Who sincerely accepts the joke for his favorite football team when beaten by the others. Who loves to travel with his family. Who tries to be a better him everyday in his life. Who enjoys reading a short story, we can say it a diary, as my lullaby. Who creates a simple song for me with his made up lyrics, just like watching “Les Miserable” live in front of my eyes plus I can touch. Who is ready to listen, yes listen, to my “broken radio” voice when I get my schedule every month. Who loves me even more and more every second of my everyday. Etc. Etc.

Hey, I love dreaming! :p


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