Call for Future

Just a few minutes right after I published the previous writing about “self development” on this blog, I was called for a ‘love letter’ from my company.

What the love letter said was just a bonus I earned for 2014 work performance. It wasn’t a + 1 salary a month, yet it pleased me enough.

But then I asked my boss about my opportunity to stay in this company, since my employee agreement will due in a couple months later. Hmmm, the answer was not good. I mean, it really wasn’t. It was bitter. It wasn’t sweet at all.

And what I do now?? Laugh! As loud as I can. I try my best to turn the bitterness into sweetness. It is like a mental war, in which there will be two possibilities. Firstly, I beat the bitterness. Secondly, the bitterness beats me. So, I choose the first one.

And smile.


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